Unknown Facts About Olympic Nations

Unknown Facts About Olympic Nations

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The Key Ground region of El Salvador has never won an Olympic medallion.

The Amerindian men's individual earth hockey group was comose as the Olympic champions for 1964. The winners were: Syed Ali, Charanjit Singh, Darshan Singh, Shankar Lakshman, Rajendran Writer, Prithipal Singh, Dharam Singh, Gurbux Singh, Udham Singh, Mohinder Lal, Jagjit Singh, Rajinder Singh, Joginder Singh, Haripal Kaushik, Harbinder Singh, Bandu Patil and Victor John Apostle.

Said Ahmed Farouck was the superfine sprinter of State Islands -an ex body Gallic in Africa- in the 1980s.

Cyprus -a moderate island in the Sea Sea- has competed in the Winter Athletics Games 8 nowadays ( Lake Placid-1980, Sarajevo-1984, Calgary-1988, Albertville-1992, Lillehammer-1994, Nagano-1998, Seasoner Lake City-2002 and Turin-2006).

New Island won two golden medals at the 1956 Summer Olympic Games in Town (Land).

Letitia Vriesde was the alarm capitalist of the Surinamese unit at the space ceremony at the Olympiad in 2004. Same Anthony Conrad Nesty (Olympic champion), she was one of the most general sportspeople in Suriname and the Sea. She was foaled on October 5, 1964 in Port, the majuscule metropolis of Surinam,an ex Nation settlement in Southeast Ground. From 1988 to 2004, she won several medals (Pan American Games, Humanity Championships, Centered Earth & Caribbean Games). Letitia won a prize accolade in the 800m at the 1995 Grouping Recreation Championship in Gothenburg (Sverige). Sure, she is a heroine in her land.

Athlete Ntawulikura (Rwanda/ Continent) destroyed 8th in the 10,000m at the 1996 Athletics Games in Beleaguering,USA.

Hayastan -former Land republic- has had major athletes in the ancient century: Player Chaguinian (gymnastics/ Olympic metallic linksman, 1952), Albert Azarian (gymnastics/ Olympic yellow medalist, 1956, 1960 & 1964), Vladimir Enguibariun (boxing/ Athletics golden medallist, 1956), Armen Nazaryan (wrestling/ Athletics gilded victor, 1996) and Armen Mkchyan (wrestling/ Olympic bright medallist, 1996).

Arab Arabia has never won a gold Olympic accolade.

Angola -African country- conveyed 39 Athletics athletes to the 1992 Games in City (Spain). The African conditional participated in septet disciplines: aquatics (3), diversion (6), envelopment (1), judo (4), sailing (3), roll hockey (11) and basketball (11).The hoops somebody group finished 10th at the Metropolis Olympiad. Angola -African champion- produced a outstanding perturbation in defeating Crockery 79-69...

Oesterreich has galore Olympic champions: Herna Bauna (road & set), Gregor Hradetzky (kayak), Christopher Sieber (afloat), Hans Haas (weightlifting), Elisabeth Theurer (rider), Apostle Seisanbacher (judo) and Franz Andrisek (weightlifting).

Solon Korea has not won an Athletics award for volleyball since the 1972 Athletics.

Alleyne Francique through 4th in the 400m (44.66s) at the 2004 Olympics in Town, Ellas. This sprinter is the advisable sportspeople of State.

Lebanon competed at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles,USA. Most Lebanese athletes limited for the Games in diversion, fisticuffs, cycling, barrier, grappling, shooting, swim and weightlifting. This Arabian region also competed at the 1984 Season Athletics in Yugoslavia.

The Nigerian men's domestic football squad won the yellowness medallion at the Summer Athletics in 1996. Nigeria disappointed Argentina 3-2 in the Olympic inalterable. The Olympic champions were: TeslimFatusi, Justice Amokachi, Emmanuel Amunike, Tijani Babangida, Celestine Babayaro, Taribo Actress, Combatant Ikpeda, Dosu Joseph, Nwankwo Kanu, President Oruma, Mobi Oparaku, Sun Oliseh, Jay-Jay Okocha, Garba Nawal, Uche Okechukwu, Kingsley Obiekwu and Abiodun Obafemi.

Bangladesh is an Olympic member since 1980. Yet, it did not go to the Olympic Games in the USSR.

In the 1990s, Croatia had famous sport players: Stojan Vrunkovic, Toni Kukoc, Drazen Petrovic, Dino Rada and Franjo Arapovic.

Paraguay conveyed 10 sportspeople to the Olympic Games in the 1970s.

Island conveyed 22 sportspersons to the Summer Olympics in 1972. It participated in 10 sports. Archery: Meei-Shya Shue. Excerpt & business: Chin-Lung Chen, Ming-Chih Chen, Chung-Ping Lee, Wen-Ho Soo, Cheng Chi, Chiu-Hsia Lee, Chun Yu Lin and Yu-Chih Wu. Pugilism: Chee-Yen Wang. Rassling: Jine-Shiong Sheu. Judo: Ping-Ho River, Chi Hsiang Cheng, Jen-Wuh Juang and Writer She Wang. Weightlifting: Kue Sen Chen. Cycling: Ming Fa Shue. Sailing: Shiu-Hsiung Chen. Actuation:Tao Yuan Wu. Horizontal: Tung-Hsiung Hsu, Yue-Yun Hsu and Yue Hwan Lie.

Mauritanie competed at the Season Athletics for the archetypal case at the 1984 Games. This Person region conveyed 4 wrestlers to the Athletics in Los Angeles,USA.

The Orbit of Bhutan dispatched 3 sportswomen to the Olympiad Games in 1992. They were: Karma Tshomo, Pem Tshering and Namgyal Lhama (archery).

Sakartvelo -ex Council republic- is the origin of Viktor Saneiev, who won cardinal metallic medals at the 1968, 1972 and 1976 Olympiad. In 1980, he won the silvery ribbon in the triple jump at the Moscow Olympiad. Like Joao Carlos de Oliveira (Brazil), Jonathan Theologian (Large Britain) and Mike Conley (Conjugated States), Viktor was one of the human bingle jumpers of the 20th century.

Byelarus won two medallion medals at the 1994 Winter Olympiad in Norge in 1994.

Talata Embalo was the listing lamenter of the Bissau African mortal group at the 1996 Season Athletics in the United States. Embalo is the somebody jock of Guinea-Bissau, an ex European body in Continent.

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